Question: I’ve lost my user key; it can be reset?

Answer: Yes, it is possible with the security code on the back of the central.

Question: The security code has been destroyed; is it possible to retrieve it?

Answer: This code must be jealously guarded by the user to avoid misuse of the home automation system by external users not allowed. In case of loss, the user can request the security code to Cupersafety service center.

Question: How can I use the application Newdom outside the home LAN?

Answer: You need to enable a dynamic DNS service such as DynDNS, Easydns, Freedns or the like.

Question: Can I configure the system outside the home LAN?

Answer: No because configuration of the system outside of the LAN has a large number of risks to the safety and privacy of the user.

Question: I noticed that the system responds late to my commands. What is the reason?

Answer: Some of the most common causes for this type of problem relating to the congestion on the local LAN or ZigBee wireless network congestion by difficulty of routing data. Incorrect placement of ZigBee nodes in the environment or the presence of sources of electromagnetic interference in the immediate vicinity, contributing to the loss of information on the ZigBee network and the resulting congestion.

Question: Sometimes I have to make multiple attempts to connect with Newdom software before accessing to the central. What is the reason?

Answer: There may be a conflict of IP addresses within the LAN. In general, any problem within the LAN can affect the performance of connection between Newdom software and the central.

Question: After shutdown the central does not store the correct date and time.

Answer: In this case you need to replace the coin cell in the central with a new one.

Question: The automatic of association have suddenly stopped working. How do I solve the problem?

Answer: Also in this case you need to replace the coin cell in the central with a new one.

Question: The node doesn’t go into the net despite several attempts of association. What is the reason?

Answer: One of the most common causes for this type of problem is the failure to open the ZigBee network using the command on Newdom software.

Question: During a request to “scan” or a request for a “list” on the settings of Newdom application not appear all ZigBee nodes.

Answer: You first need to verify that all nodes are in radio range from the central and afterwards simply reiterate the request every 40 seconds until the node is not displayed.