The module N006-2RS is a router node equipped with two single-contact relay, capable of driving electrical loads up to a maximum of 2KW.

The module is used to perform the operations of opening and closure of motorized elements such as rolling shutters, security grilles, gates, curtains, doors, window frames, etc. through the parallel connection to the double button opening/closing.


product code N006-2RS



Technical specifications:

Supply: 230v  ±10% 50Hz
Maximum load (resistive): 2KW
Maximum load (inductive/capacitive): 1KW
Accordance with the IEC:   EN 60950-1, EN 300 328, EN 301 489-1
Maximum operating temperature of the electronics (° C): 85
Operating Temperature (° C): 55
Radio Signal Power: 1mW
Radio Protocol:  IEEE 802.15.4
Radio Frequency:     2.4 GHz
Radio range:  up to 30m in outdoor environments, up to 10m indoors
Dimensions (L x W x H): 64mm x 44mm x 25mm
Energy consumption: in stand-by <0.3W, at full capacity 0.5W