Gateway device

WiDo® is the heart of newdom®.

It coordinates all modules of the network up to a maximum of 64 units (including 16 sensor interface N009 SNR). 

WiDo® contextually may interface with the control devices:

  • keypad (N013-PSC) and/or remote control (N012-TSC);
  • mobile (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and fixed (PC) devicesthat use TCP/IP Internet protocols  through the connection to the wireless router.

WiDo® can be connected by cable to buzzers and lights.


product code N001-CRD



Technical specifications:

Supply: 12V 0.8A
CPU:  ARM CortexTM – M3
Memory:  microSD-card (4GB supplied)
Antennas:  Antenna 2.4 GHz, Antenna GSM-QUAD-BAND 
Radio Signal Power: 10mW
Radio Protocol:  802.15.4 
Radio Frequency:    2.4 GHz 
Radio range:  up to 300m in outdoor environments, up to 30m indoors
Interfaces:  1-Ethernet RJ-45, Slot sim GSM, relay contact (N.O.)
Dimensions (L x W x H):   160mm x 100mm x 30mm
Energy consumption:   max 2.2W
Accordance with the IEC:   EN 60950-1, EN 300 328, EN 301 489