The module N009-SNR is an end-device node, capable of reading up to two digital inputs at 12V, coming from sensors; it is powered by a mains voltage of 230V AC.

The sensors are of the type: presence, temperature, liquids, gases, smoke, magnetic contact, brightness, crepuscular, anemometer, rain, infrared barrier, etc.

The module, being provided with an output at 12V / 0.6W DC, isolated, allows, for example, to power the sensor to which it is connected.


product code N009-SNR



Technical specifications:

Supply: 230v  ±10% 50Hz
Accordance with the IEC:   EN 60950-1, EN 300 328, EN 301 489-1
Maximum operating temperature of the electronics (° C): 85
Operating Temperature (° C): 55
Radio Signal Power: 1mW
Radio Protocol:  IEEE 802.15.4
Radio Frequency:     2.4 GHz
Radio range:  up to 30m in outdoor environments, up to 10m indoors
Dimensions (L x W x H): 64mm x 44mm x 25mm
Energy consumption: in stand-by <0.5W, at full capacity 0.7W