• Lights: on, off and control of light intensity.
  • Motorized components: opening and closing of blinds, shutters, security grilles, gates, awnings, doors, windows, etc.
  • Solenoid valves: opening and closing of solenoid valves for water systems, heating / cooling, irrigation, etc.
  • Climate: activation and deactivation of the thermostats.
  • Sensors: interfacing with sensors (presence, temperature, liquids, gas, smoke, etc.) with digital output.
  • Videocontrol: integration with compatible IP cameras.
  • Atmospheres: simultaneous start of multiple actions with a single command. 
  • Automatisms: execution of a predetermined command on a single node; start of an Atmosphere in a given time period to the recognition of an input derived from a sensor. For control of single node can determine the duration.
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Additions to the system

  • Associations with sensors: Suitable modules interface with sensors (presence, temperature, liquids, gas, smoke, etc.) on pure contact type with the output signal to 12 V DC and send to WiDo®  to enable the user to manage various settings. As part of the comfort, for example, you can use the association with the sensors to configure automatisms and sceneries (Atmospheres).


  • Videocontrol: you can integrate IP cameras that support the RTSP protocol to extend the functionality of the system to visual control of the environments.

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